Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Naked Chef - Jamie Oliver

Among our favourite TV programmes is The Naked Chef - normally viewed through channel 11, 'travel and living' or sometimes also viewed through channel 2 RTM. Hosted by Jamie Oliver.

In the first series of the Naked Chef viewers were treated to a glimpse into his world, zipping about London on a scooter and hosting parties for all of his friends, all to a rock'n'roll soundtrack.

The food was reassuringly hearty, but not too fiddly, and Jamie always seemed to have his hands full of fresh herbs and olive oil. It was an overnight success, attracting an audience that wouldn't normally watch food programmes.

Jamie Oliver, 29, telah memasak sejak berusia 8 tahun. Orang tuanya, Trevor dan Sally, adalah pemilik the Cricketers,pub dan restoran di Clavering, Essex. Pada usia 21 tahun, beliau telah menjadi kalangan ' Rich and Famous'.

Di Belanda seorang dari 17 orang memiliki buku resepi Jamie Oliver. Dan di Jerman tahun lalu sahaja bukunya telah terjual hingga 1.2 juta jilid.

Bagi Jamie , "Cooking was the first thing I was good at".

Sebenarnya, semasa zaman persekolahannya, dia merupakan seorang dyxlesia, that is having difficulties in learning to read, write and spell, and until now he never did finished reading a book. "After 15 minutes, I'm dozing,". Dan kerana masalah tersebut, he will write a book by dictate it with a Dictaphone. And during school time, he was guided by a 'special need' teachers.

So, those with dyxlesia need not worry, banyak lagi opportunity out there to be explored.


sue said...

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i like jamie's cooking, different from other chef..its the way he do it that make it special

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Thanks for dropping by. Jamie's a millionaire now just by cooking. Great no...