Thursday, September 06, 2012

When the seasons change
In the monsoon rains
When a newborn cries
In a mother's eyes
I think of You

ربنا الرحمن
مبدع الأكوان
صاحب الجلال
من له الكمال
لا رب سواه
لا رب سواه
(Our Lord the most Merciful
Creator of the universe
Possessor of glory
To whom perfection belongs
No lord but Him
No lord but Him)

Are everyday
The moon will come
As the sun will fade
Forever this way

A seed that grows
From a tiny shell
Becomes a tree
Feeding you and me
Here for our needs

هذه الأطيار
تلكم الأزهار
ونجوم الليل
من صنع الله
لا رب سواه
(These birds
Those flowers
And the night's stars
Are all Allah’s creation
No lord but Him)

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